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Long Term Parking

Skypark Perth

Here’s how Skypark Valet Parking helps to give you 100% peace of mind when it comes to long term airport parking.

We provide you with a total parking solution before you fly. All you need to do is book in your vehicle over the phone or online (for up to 30% discount). You simply drive your vehicle to our premises at 493 Great Eastern Highway and hand in your keys. We will then park your vehicle within our secure parking perimeter. You will then be chauffeured in style by our shuttle transfer bus together with your luggage to the Perth Airport. (Domestic, Regional or International).You then walk straight out of the shuttle bus across the airport terminal and board your flight.

Waiting around for taxis in the queue will be a thing of the past. We will navigate the airport traffic for you, heading to and from your Airport Terminal.

Skypark Valet Parking guarantees to ease your mind and give you a smooth passage home in your own vehicle. No more waiting around for friends or relatives. All you need to do is pick up your luggage at the airport carousel, contact Skypark and advise them that you are ready then make your way to the designated collection point in front of the Terminal to your waiting Skypark shuttle bus. Within a few minutes you’ll be shuttled to your vehicle and you can proceed on your journey home. Whether you’re a seasoned business traveler, family person or a “fly in fly out” mine employee, we’ve helped thousands of travelers over the years to get home early without the wait.

Contact us to learn more about our long term and domestic airport parking solutions.